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Chris Picard

Welcome to the new RoboCop website for the new RoboCop remake film due out next summer (2013)! This site is as you can see part of the Network and is joined to our other top fan sites: and!

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Shiny :-D

Well, as some of you may know, I'm Cypher, and I am a massive massive fan not only of just about all Sci-Fi, I'm a particulary huge fan of the original RoboCop and RoboCop 2. RoboCop 3 was terrible though. That being said, so far I'm fairly impressed with what I've seen of this, I just really really hope they do justice to the original :-D

I'll be hanging around this place a fair bit, so if you guys get stuck with anything, give us a yell via PM or our handy-dandy Shout Box! :-D


"Is it dead this time?" "I dunno, poke it with this stick and see."

David 1

I am David 1. First Generation of a rigorous hybid breed of androids mixed with cyborgs and metal head bangers.

Love SciFi and all things grand: Robocop included.

../ x . x ,,/

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I think the costume says it all, craptacular! I will be skipping this one, much later i may watch it if someones like:, hey i have robocop. Wanna borrow it? And i'll be like, well.... im braiding my toe hairs, and then after that i have that turtle neck bellybutton lent weaving contest sooooo no, you can keep it thanx;)

Gavin Singleton

Welcome to my friend,

Heres' to hoping the remake steers back somewhat to the formula of the first two.

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I am just going to hang it out there and hope I do not get beat up to bad here.
I do not think making this is going to be good for anybody. Robo is what it is and new cgi is not going to make it any better, in fact, it is going to hurt this film in a bad way. Looking at the sneak peek of Robo I am not impressed one bit. Someone commented that the suite looks plane because they will add cgi later. Bad idea!

Look this movie only gained the following well after its release and long into DVD release. I think they should kill the project now, cut their losses and move on. Psychological thriller is only going to appeal to a very small crowd so I have to disagree with you on this one. We are looking at a heavy cgi/action movie. A psychological thriller will kill this movie from the gate. The only way to get people out to see this is to drop the Iron Man look and come up with something unique and new and Hollywood is not up to that task.

This project saddens me because this next gen will see what has been common as of late and the interest will not be there. My daughter and I watched the original and she loved it. Thought he was really a robot/part man and it was cool. This is going to be one I wait for the Blu-ray release on.


hoping ur right about it being a psychological thriller, definitely hoping its deeper than just some cyborg kicking ass


you could have at least supplied ur own opinion 1st to get the ball rolling...

well i watched it as a kid, owing to my stupidity at the time, i treated robocop as something i wanted to be when i grew up, until of course i got older and watched it again, realising i had to die before i could be robocop made the life descision less than attractive

watching it on TV as a kid, didnt understand much of what was going on, like what bob mort was so happy for with the women, whats this white powder she puts on here boobs, wat wasnt bob mort the good guy, he made the crime fighting machine didnt he? you just waited for the action moments

2 was scary for me as a kid, seeing the brain and spinal cord in the tank, with those uncovered eyes staring at you, freaked me out, same with the revealed robocain or robocop2, he was nightmare material back in the day, but again ur waiting for the action bits

i didnt see 3 until i was in high school, by then i was yearning for more meaningful stories, by then i wasnt waiting for action bits, ironic isnt anycase, rewatching the previous 2 films was nostalgic, and since you began to understand the parts you didnt, it felt like you were watching a new movie too

Manchurian 31

I think personally I'll bite my lip and go to see it at the cinema, I mean we could all be proven wrong and it actually be good! :/ well just have to wait and see!...
As for Robo him self I'd have to agree that he dose look crap and I'm praying its not some blank canvas suite for CGI guru's to add moving parts to him like ironman! If they do well know from the begging there just cashing in! I'm just waiting on a trailer release then I think well be given a good idea of what's install.



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