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New RoboCop Remake Poster and Movie Tagline Revealed!

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Chris Picard ›

Sony Pictures have just revealed the new, official poster for their upcoming RoboCop Movie Remake, as well as the film's official tagline - "Your Move". The tagline is an obvious homage to the original, when RoboCop shoots the remark "Your Move Creep". Check out the new poster in full, below and watch the RoboCop teaser trailer above, if you haven't seen it yet already!


What do you think? like the poster? Like the new look of RoboCop himself? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Comments (5)


ahh nice! Looks great!

Rohan ›

I like the poster and tagline, but after 3rd viewing, I have mixed feelings. Maybe a new trailer later is going to convince me. Good post, Chris. And, nice page.

Lone ›

Tagline is a nice nod to the original & the poster is fab!

Trailer is cool. Prefer the silver suit to the black one, as it's pretty close to the original, which still looks great to this day! Thanks Chris!

belladonna ›

i also prefer the silver suit but im glad they at least have the silver in the movie, i thought it would only be the back one.
i am not big on this classic being remade but they have a lot of actors i adore in this so ill defiantly see it just in that basis, awesome cast!

marksmith ›

I am not big fan of Robocop film. But when i Watch Robocop Movie Online trailer, i change my mind.

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